At Archangel, our aim is to provide a holistic range of services that allows our talent to fulfil their

on-field potential, raise their public profile, and maximise their financial earnings

We are constantly Identifying, Nurturing, Managing and Maximizing Sports Talent

Archangel Sports seeks to represent the best talent globally in

Basketball, Football, Cricket, Field Hockey, Badminton, Wrestling & Boxing

Key specialisms include club contract, sponsorship, endorsements, appearances, image rights,

legal representation, accountancy, travel and financial planning

With presence in Mumbai & London, we are scouting and recruiting the top young

prospects from all across India & Globally

Like an Archangel, we will watch over you and give wings to your Dream Career in Sports
Archangel Sports Management

Archangel Sports is the brainchild of Ashok Anjara (Ash) - a passionate sports enthusiast and also India's only FIBA Certified Basketball Agent

We are dedicated to enhancing and maximising Sports careers of budding global sports talent by helping them find the Right Club and Opportunity in the ever growing Global Sports Industry and especially in India - the land of Professional Sports Leagues

INDIA: The Land of Professional Sports Leagues

The World's fastest growing economy combined with a population of 1.2 billion and home to over 600 million English speakers, India surely is the next biggest destination for Global Sports Talent

With over 20 sports channels telecasting an array of Global Sports 24 hours a day, India is now host to the highest number of Professional Sports Leagues which attracts the finest sports talent

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